Special treat from Allen Jones at EpicPlanet.tv - 30 minutes of audio from an actual Criterium bike race you can use to add realism to any Race Day profile!

It starts with the Race Director announcing "Cat 4 racers... take your mark, get set, go!!!! Then it ends with the bell lap - simply awesome 🙂

The actual audio is from Allen's latest video; epicRaceDay - Pensacola Stage Race!  I had stripped this audio from the 30 minute Criterium race segment, with the idea of adding it to the background of my Race Day Audio PROfile that will be published this weekend.

I've taught a number* of Race Day classes using epicRaceDay - Pensacola Stage Race! and a students have commented that they really enjoyed hearing the actual sounds of a race, over layed with my music. This DVD includes the option to play just the racing sounds. The music system where I teach will play the audio from multiple sources, so I turn up the DVD volume along with the music and off we go!!!!

Then I had an idea. Not everyone has video in their studio to experience this amazing addition to their classes - so why not provide it to our PRO members as an MP3?

So I called Allen to ask his permission to publish this audio as one of our PRO/Podcasts. As you can guess, Allen thought this was a great idea and enthusiastically agreed. So here it is as a direct download (right click - Save As) and it will also show up as an episode of the Podcast.

I left it completely clean, so there's no introduction or anything on the end - just 30 minutes of pure bicycle racing sounds. My suggestion is to burn this to a CD that you can play along with the music from your portable device.

Please let Allen know if this is of value by leaving a comment below.

*I'm teaching this again tomorrow (Saturday 10/20 8:30am) at the Chanhassen Lifetime Fitness. If you're in town I'd love to have you.

Fast forward to the 27:20 mark to hear the finish!

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