I received a note from Keith Burnage from Cadence Revolution asking that I share this with you.

Hi John,

I thought you might be interested in the following and if possible help to spread the word to promote this song about Rob Wein.

Rob is one of the Kanata 5, one of five cyclists involved in a terrible accident when they were hit from behind by a distracted driver.

Of the five, Rob was hurt the worst, and he will never recover to the where he was before the incident, and will always suffer from double vision, short term memory loss.

His family and friend were told that he would never leave his hospital bed. So sure were the doctors of this, that they didn't fully fix and repair his damaged legs when he was brought into the hospital.

With the help, love and support of his partner, family and friends he proved them wrong. When he was told he would never be able to stand he got a personal trainer who works with him every week, and now he is preparing and training for the Ottawa Race weekend 5km walking event.

Rob was interviewed by CBC Radio and with a pair of musicians a song was written about his struggles. That song 'Nobody Knows' is out on iTunes and all funds raised are being directed to the Share The Road organization

I am hoping that you can spread word about this song and encourage other to purchase it for a worthy cause, there is also a video of the song up on YouTube if you would like to post on your site.

Sure Keith, happy to help 🙂

Realizing that today is normally a free track day, I'm asking that everyone contribute $0.99 by purchasing the song.


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