Honestly, pretty much anything that came across my headphones today would be enjoyable because it is 50 degrees and sunny here in Minneapolis on St. Patrick”™s Day. But, I love this Italian American instrumental rock guitarist and multi-instrumentalist with multiple Grammy Award nominations. Tom Scotto and Gene Nacey from Cycling Fusion like to use an instrumental track in the warm up. I think this is a great idea. It gives us an opportunity to coach through the necessary introductory information without having to compete with lyrics. Joe Satriani ‘s, “Is There Love In Space?” CD, released in 2004, has 10 not only usable, but really great songs on it. “Up In Flames”, with a cadence of 90 will get your class in the mood to kick some butt if you have anaerobic threshold intervals planned for them. “Is There Love In Space?” is a bit more mellow, but still has a cadence of 90 and I use it to start one of my aerobic base building classes. “Just Look Up”, cadence 88 is a nice last flat. It is nice and mellow. “Searching” is 10 minutes long and has a cadence of 80. I love it for load building. I have my class really focus on holding their cadence and add a bit of load each minute and watch their heart rate climb from mid zone two up to threshold by the time the song ends. Check out this video of Joe live in Tokyo doing “Searching”

“I Like The Rain” cadence 64, has some funky vocals in it. “Souls of Distortion”, cadence 64, “If I Could Fly”, cadence 68, “Lifestyle”, cadence 68, “Hands In The Air”, cadence 80 and “Gnaahh”, cadence 64 are all good, with different flavors for different approaches to climbing. Watch the vocals on “Ghaahh” though. A bit racy… Enjoy!

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