This won't replace Spotify, but if you enjoy a steady stream of background music, that's geared to your activity or mood, Songza maybe something you'll enjoy.

Available in the USA and (if you can believe it with their very restrictive licensing) Canada, Songza is the latest of the free streaming music services following Pandora, iTunes and Spotify.

Songza has been around for a while and appears to be gaining peoples attention and influence, but there isn't much press about them. I did find this article from

Songza is a music streaming service that aims to provide what Roman calls a "soundtrack for your life," matching curated playlists to the time of day, day of the week, your taste in music and what you're doing while you're listening (i.e. waking up, working out, eating dinner, etc.).

Working? Relaxing? At the gym? Songza plays you the right music at the right time.


What makes Songza different is how they've created playlists based on common activities. Doing some housework? You can cue up one of more than two dozen different playlists. Working at home and would prefer music without lyrics? They have a bunch. Making out? At a formal dinner party? Shopping at a vintage store? All covered + over 30 more.

They even have four different fitness categories; Working Out Cardio, Working Out Weight Training, Workout Cool Down and Yoga. And thankfully there's no "Aerobics Music" - just great music that just seems to work.

I wasn't much of music background person until Amy bought us this Sony RDPX200iP Docking Stationfor us for Christmas. So it's very cool for me to have either Spotify or now Songza playing while I'm doing whatever. Only trouble is that then I don't have Shazam available if I'm using my iPhone - but Songza will also play from your computer, so it's a great discovery tool for finding the perfect track for your next class. Get the free app for iPhone/iPad or Android.

Think your latest playlist is the bomb? You can even contribute your work to Songza - but for licensing reasons you can't listen to it yourself.

NOTE: while I was experimenting with Songza it occurred to me that there's no way to prevent Songza from using your 3g/4g data service unless you place your iPhone on airplane mode and then turn the wireless back on = no phone call from Ed McMann telling you that you've won the publisher's clearing house sweepstakes or from one of your college students that it's time to pay for another semester. Not finding an answer on their support page, I sent and email and will follow up when I know more. 


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