Thank you from Indoorcycleinstructor.comAll of us here work very hard to make ICI/PRO the ultimate resource for Spinning® & Indoor Cycling Instructors. Every Audio PROfile takes us about 20 hours of actual work to produce (multiply that times 30 PROfiles we have produced to date and that will give you some understanding as to the work involved)

From time to time our efforts don't go unnoticed and we receive some very appreciative - and appreciated 🙂 emails and comments from ICI/PRO members.

I felt that we should have a place to publicly thank these Instructors for the kind words they have sent us.

I'll start with the most recent:

Sharon says:

I just want to say thank-you for this amazing world you have opened up, Joining IC Pro nearly 1 year ago was the best thing I could have done ,I have learn”™t so much from you and the amazing guests that you have had on.
I love listening to the podcasts and taking notes, as well as sitting down with your profiles and writing them out for myself into a condensed version with your great queing and profiles I have become an amazing instructor over the Last year. I feel that I have grown so much . I am a Madd Dog spinning Instructor who owns a Spinning Studio ,I have it in my house, yes with the correct Insurance and Spinning bikes I have 9 classes a week and 8 bikes I have had this studio for 2 years in September. I love teaching Spinning and you have helped me to really make a name for myself, because I teach exactly the way I”™m
supposed to the safe and correct way.
I can”™t thank you enough for sharing.
Hope to see you in Boston..

From PRO member Carole

I anxiously await the day that you post each profile as if it were Christmas eve. I feel I grow as an instructor after listening and reading each one. Some of the time, I use them for inspiration but at other times, I use your words verbatim as there is no better way to get the point across. The passion for the sport comes through with each and every word you say.
I am looking forward to the ICI Pro Conference. I know it will be both informative and fun!
Thank you for this wonderful service.

You are very welcome Carole.

Hey guys

I”™ll also jump in on this wagon to let you know that I appreciate all the effort you both put into ICI/PRO. I KNOW the enormous amount of time and energy that is required to bring a class to life. The type of class that is rewarding to the person creating the class and to those who are participating in the class. Make no mistake — members and/or your participants can tell the difference between an instructor who goes the extra mile into creating a well-thought out profile/ride.
And here”™s my two cents: You all go the extra mile. The BEST voluntary(!!!) membership around for the money. Let”™s face it, most of us don”™t have tons of money to throw out – so THANK YOU. I truly look forward to the weekly email from ICI/PRO, YES, from you - !!! HUGSXOXO

Colleen says,
I just wanted to say a big "Thanks" for this entire website! As a new instructor (5 months) it's been an invaluable tool in creating classes and understanding the corresponding goals. The information all makes sense and it is so easy to translate to my classes! I don't imagine myself a master instructor of any sort, but I can tell you my direct experience in teaching this philosophy has been received enthusiastically at my club. Each class I have at least one student responding that it's "different" and they like it. If you asked me a few years ago if I would ever describe indoor cycling as any kind of zen experience I would have laughed out loud. Particularly since I have serious road bike phobia. (should I admit that?) Four triathlons later, when the course marshalls are yelling out reminders that this is a race and not a sunday ride, I find when I hop on that spin all falls into place 🙂 Thanks again for providing such an amazing font of knowledge for those of us that want to make a difference in helping people to find their sweet spot in cycling (even if it doesn't actually move off the ground!)

Kelly commented -I just joined this blog a couple of months ago and I wish I joined earlier! So much information you are providing and the podcasts are perfect for my car rides to and from work! I've been trying to catch up on the past 2 years of podcasts!! Keep up the great inspirational work, definitely planning on seeing you in October in Boston! We are looking forward to meeting you as well Kelly.

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