What if you lost it all?

How much time and money would it take to replace it?

Spinning - Indoor Cycling Music Needs Backup!

That was the question my brother Dan asked me. Dan is the computer wiz in my family and makes his living fixing computers.

When I checked I saw I have over 12 GB of music on mine! That equals roughly 2600 songs + all my pictures and all my indoorcycleinstructor.com files. My whole life is on this computer and I'm entrusting it to this little hard-drive?

Dan recommended that I back it up - but not with an external hard drive that I have to remember to use. I think the last time I backed up was New Years day. Once a year isn't quite enough.

He suggested I try a service like this one that does it automatically:
Carbonite Online Backup. Unlimited backup--secure and encrypted, for just $54.95 per year. Start your free trial today!

Here is a page with additional information that includes free tools for backing up your browser (FireFox/IE) settings. https://www.indoorcycleinstructor.com/backup/


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