Kick me in the Ass at www.indoorcycleinstructor.comWe have become a nation of excuse makers.

Instead of admitting we are lazy, we say we are busy.  Instead of being honest about our eating, we claim we just “can”™t seem to do anything to lose weight”.   Instead of being disciplined with our time, we complain that there just aren”™t enough hours in the day.  We have become overweight, out of shape, and worst of all, we feel justified because everyone else tells us that it”™s “OK”.

Since when did it become politically correct to make your friends and family feel good about becoming a health risk and flirting with heart disease, diabetes and worse.  Somehow we”™ve convinced ourselves that we really can”™t do anything about the way we look, the way we feel, or even what we do, because life just gets in the way.  We remind ourselves, and those in our circle of influence, that life today isn”™t as simple as it once was, and that we barely have enough energy to just keep up.  Jobs, kids, family obligations, commitments to friends, church or community involvement, all seem to come before our own selves.  We rationalize that we are doing it for them, and thus, we are able to let our own health and well being take the proverbial back seat on the procrastination train to nowhere.

The obvious problem with this is that we are not as good a spouse, a parent, an employee  or even church and community member, if we are in poor health or depressed or both.  We will be better at everything we do if we are healthier, happier, and confident that we can overcome the pressures of life.

I posit that the pace of life now requires a new outlook; one that does not feel defeated before we begin, one that understands that the proper response to a more complex life is a higher level of determination, not acquiescence to our circumstances.  I say we need to stop co-miserating and start co-conquering!  We need to stop enabling ourselves and our friends who likewise have not found a way, and find someone who has; someone who can help us overcome our circumstances.  Maybe this someone, will give us an old fashion kick in the ass to help us stop complaining, stop making excuses, and make the decision to take our lives back!

I say it”™s time to set our minds on something extraordinary, something we never thought possible.  It”™s time to grab that dream we always thought was out of reach, and think for at least a moment “What if I could actually do that?”  It”™s time to pick a goal so big, that once accomplished, we will never let the hurdles of life loom larger than we see our legs leaping.

With this, we will stop making excuses and start making plans.  We will quit complaining and begin to count the reasons why instead of why not.  Once and for all, we will decide to make our own circumstances and shape our own lives, as we want them to be.

For this end result, I want to find that someone who will give me one swift kick in the ass!


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