Ciclotte indoor cycle at indoor cycle

This would have looked great in my office!

I must not have been good enough this year.

The Ciclotte is a design concept Indoor Cycle that has a lot of appeal to me. Can't you see a whole room of these in some edgy uptown Manhattan club? Where they have a bouncer in full kit standing at the door checking to see if you are the "right kind of people" before giving you the privilege of attending the class. I wonder what you could charge...

Based on their description the Ciclotte uses a magnetic resistance system just like the Keiser M3 and Schwinn A.C. Performance

I found this at

Actually I have a riding buddy who's very successful and loves anything made of carbon fiber. He may have to have one of these 🙂

They're on sale right now, € 6,972 or $ 9,412 US + shipping

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