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You need all three sides

You need all three sides

My good friend John Macgowan of effectively outlined the three components of a group fitness class: 1) foundation, 2) media (i.e. music) and 3) presentation. It is my opinion that neither one, alone, will make your class great, but one, alone, can ruin it.

I participated in an indoor cycle class this morning and I am confident I will never attend this instructor”™s class again. The foundation was great. The instructor chose to lead us through a moderately challenging endurance ride. We performed a combination of high and medium cadence sections both off and on our seats.

The music selection was good. Most of the music was easily recognizable and appropriate for the ride.

The presentation, on the other hand, was extremely poor. There was zero excitement and enthusiasm in the instructor”™s tone and facial expressions (if there were any facial expressions at all). Eye contact with the fitness participants was minimal. Lastly, there was too much talking and explaining during the 60-minute class.

Unfortunately, the instructor”™s poor presentation skills trumped the foundation and media components of the class, making the experience a negative one. I didn”™t exert every ounce of energy I had to give. I can say the same for the other participants because they were busy chatting amongst each other during the entire class.

I have always taught athletes, coaches and fitness professionals to highlight their strengths and improve their weaknesses. I do not believe you have to be excellent at everything, but you must be adequate in all of the components involved in your craft.

I would bet this instructor spends numerous hours planning the foundation and the media components of the class while dedicating little time to the presentation and delivery. Although the foundation and media components were good, if not great, the poor presentation ruined the class. When I looked around I saw people talking and doing their own thing. A few participants left before the class was over, most likely to never return.

Call to Action:

We can all learn from this instructor. Identify your weaker links and spend the time and effort to improve them. If you don”™t improve, your participants”™ focus will be on your weaknesses rather than your strengths. However, if you do improve, it will be easier for the fitness enthusiasts to gloss over the weaker components of your class and focus on the components you excel at.

Believe and Achieve,
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