Spinning studio sound problems
I have received quite an education about improving the acoustics of a room from Ryan Gibbons, an Applications Specialist with Auralex® Acoustics, Inc. In the interview posted below Ryan describes the typical problems that may exist in your studio and offers some suggestions on solving them. If after listening to this interview you would like more information they have a very comprehensive online resource available at http://www.acoustics101.com/
If you would like a free acoustical analyses of your studio, that includes their detailed recommendations for making improvements, you can contact Ryan directly:

Ryan Gibbons
Applications Specialist
Auralex® Acoustics, Inc
6853 Hillsdale Court
Indianapolis IN USA 46250
317-842-2600 | 1-800-959-3343
rgibbons@auralex.com www.auralex.com

Auralex doesn't sell direct, instead they use distributors like GuitarCenter.com


Members of cyclingstudio.org can get a special discount.

You can listen to the interview with Ryan here.


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