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Are we losing some of the people in our classes with all this talk of; Max HR =bad & Threshold HR = good, T1 & T2, Training Zones, Functional Threshold Power, Watts, Kilo-calories, etc...?  Spinning® & Indoor Cycling has been around for over 15 years and yet my perception is that only a minority of our students have embraced Zone Based Heart Rate Training. Now we are introducing Power, with all it's complexities, to studios where less than 50% of the participants regularly use a HR monitor. I'm sure most of us will agree that the move to Indoor Cycling 2.0 will benefit our students, but are they keeping up with the changes?

I've heard that the military will "Stand Down" (cease current operations) when it becomes obvious that something isn't working as intended. When complicated systems seem to break down, the solution may not be to layer on additional technology, information or instruction. Instead what's needed is a return to the basics, which has the effect of getting everyone caught up and back on the same page.

In this PRO podcast Tom Scotto and I discuss some ideas about how you could "Stand Down" and bring a renewed focus to the basics of Heart Rate Training in your club or studio.

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