dancing couple

I've described her at times as the Human Metronome for good reason - the girl knows how to follow a beat.

And yes, when she and I dance, she leads.

As the Senior Group Fitness Instructor here, Amy has skills she's developed from teaching and cuing aerobics classes that can benefit both you and your participants.

One is how she will introduce a Waltz to help those of us who are rhythmically inept learn to hear, follow and pedal to the actual beat of the music.

Here the earlier post Teach ‘em to dance that includes a number of links including this Spotify playlist.

Listen below to Amy explain why a adding a few Waltz tempo tracks to your playlist could potentially help those Laggards in class finally "get it." At the end we've recorded Amy's actual presentation to her class so you can learn how you might introduce a Waltz to your students.

NOTE: Chim Chim and the two versions of Kiss from a rose we've used may be the most universally known tracks we're aware of.



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