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This was sad to hear...

Hey John,

So I am having to close ON1 cycle - my Indoor Cycling studio in Sarasota, FL. There is new ownership in the space that I was subleasing. The new owner informed me that he wasn't going to hold up the lease agreement I had with prior owners. He has other plans for that space. My hands were tied and I had zero say so. He gave 40 days to get all property out, which will commence end of November.

I've sold all of my bikes. Those are all gone. However, I have everything else ever needed if someone wants to buy the brand and everything with it. It would be plug n play for anyone that wanted to run with it. All they would need is bikes and a space, the rest is all taken care of.

Any insight, guidance, or consulting you can provide in that process?

I'll list below some items that will come with the package if someone decided to purchase.

-Business Plan
-Huge channel lettering outdoor signage
-website (I'll do free webmaster for month to do any necessary changes)
-US Registered Trademark of ON1 Cycle
-Amazing Sound System and Amp
-Fitness Mic and receiver
-Oval Office Crest (indoor signage)
-Online Apparel Shop
-Vector Files and all other file formats
-Posters, Banners, etc
-All of my cycling site domains I own. (Quite a few;) )
-Social media integration to obtain "likes" and "followers" right from the start.

I'm sure there are a few other things I am missing but that's a start. The way I see it this is a huge opportunity for someone, somewhere, to get there hands on a brand that has been established and successful for 5 years. Everything is plug n play, all you need is bikes and a space. Let me know your thoughts and if you'd be able to help.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Reid Withrow
Please feel free to contact Reid through his Facebook page

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