They made this DVD just for me!
OK, not really. But it is exactly what I have asked for; a long climb without a bunch of distractions. I need to thank Allen Jones from Epic Planet for sending me a sample of this DVD - a small perk of this job 🙂

If you asked a frequent participant of my Indoor Cycling Class, "what is a typical class of John's like?" They would tell you "endurance training with long efforts with lots of load (resistance)." In other words, long climbs! This new Indoor Cycling DVD, Epic Tucson, from Epic Planet is perfect for this type of class. It starts with a short warmup and then up, up, up! The whole climb is over an hour. I used it today (I subbed for Amy so she could sleep in). Because we were not at the top by the end of the official class, I asked "who wants to stay to see the top?" More than half stayed and we finished it. I'm doing it again tomorrow if you would like to come.

Here is the Trailer. You can get your own copy Here

Update: Allen Jones just emailed me with a $10.00 discount off Epic Tucson if you use the coupon code ICI at checkout. Good until Dec 24th 2009

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