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I guess it's inevitable that after all of these Indoor Cycling studios opening, I few would be offered for sale. This studio in Magnolia, TX is listed at 1,299.999.99. That might sound like a lot until you consider that it includes, what appears to be a nice building and an upstairs apartment.

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buy an indoor cycling studio

You can see it's set up for cyclists to bring their own bikes - no reason you couldn't lease 20 or so new Indoor Cycles (or snap up some used IC's) and offer the option for either stationary or trainers.

This indoor cycling studio is for sale

It looks like they've done a nice job with the lobby.

nice indoor cycling studio for sale

6744 SF Warehouse with cycling and exercise studio and also a 2250 SF of nicely appointed 2 bedroom apartment, perfect for the live in business owner. Spacious reception/showroom with 2nd floor build out.

That's all I know about it. Contact the sales agent: Aradio Zambrano
Cell: 281-898-1591
Office: 281-298-8707

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