Working as a team at https://www.indoorcycleinstructor.comDoes your class believe and act like they are one unit? Do you treat them like a team? Creating a team spirit among your participants can have tremendous effects on their commitment, effort, and desire to return to your class. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of your indoor cycle class so that they exert more effort and everyone has more fun.

Social Support: Often the most meaningful praise and encouragements comes from people who are in similar situations working towards similar goals. Encourage your participants to offer one another reassurance and companionship.

Proximity: People bond when they are near each other. Organize your indoor cycle class so that your participants are close enough together that when they look in the mirror, they see a team united.

Similarity: Although your participants have individual goals they want to achieve, it is important for you to set team goals in class. Your cyclists will become more of a unit and begin training harder when they have shared commitments, attitudes, aspirations, and goals.

The message is to bring your participants together in class so that they will feel missed if they don”™t come to class next time.

Call to Action: Next time you teach an indoor cycle class (or any group fitness class), focus on incorporating social support, proximity, and similarity. For example, if you have a small class in a large room, split the room in half and have your participants train on one side. If the bikes in your cycle class are typically arranged in a circle formation, rearrange the bikes so that you create a united team, much like you see a group of cyclists in a road race. Choose one song or component in your profile and think of a short-term goal the entire class can work towards. Lastly, allow your participants to encourage and praise their fellow cyclists.

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