I came up from the "Man Cave" (my office) and heard cheers of approval and encouragement coming from our TV. I had been preparing for an interview with a nationally known Nutritionist who has some interesting ideas on how we should be communicating to our students.  "What are you watching Abby?" I asked my elder daughter. "Man vs. Food" she replied. "It's a show where this guy is challenged to eat these impossibly large meals in a race against the clock."

Maybe it's just me, but I started to getting really angry watching this very over weight show host stuff his face with a mountain of food. It took me a minute to understand where my anger was coming from, and it wasn't caused by the host.

What I was reacting to was the crowd behind him and how they cheered his destructive behavior. I couldn't help but think of similar self-destructive people like John Belushi or Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame who resort to self-deprecating humor as a way to seek approval of others. How pathetic.

Please watch this and tell me if I'm alone here.

Listen for the money quote;and then like an idiot, I dig in.

Which calls to mind a line from John Belushi's biggest movie Animal House (but he doesn't say it and it's directed at the Bluto - the stereotypical dumb fat guy) Have you no self respect, man?


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