I thought I would break from the routine just a bit, and rather that share a "story" this week, I would share some of the fun metaphors I use during my sprints with class.
Many years ago I saw a T-shirt for a Track and field team and on the back of it it had the words "If you can read this, then I'm winning." I always loved that quote and so I made a fun game of it. Since almost all of my sprint songs (and most songs for that matter) have 3 choruses in them, I find two other quotes and run the drill this way.
*Describe the race any way you like (A marathon, a Cycling race, even a car race) and tell them they are behind someone and as they get closer, they see on the back of their shirt (insert your favorite quote) and in an explosive voice tell them to pass. Do it again with a second quote, and then use the "If you can read this......" quote last. Works every time.
Tell them they are either in a car or on a bike on a two lane highway. THIS Highway is the "Highway of Life."  They are in the right lane and in the left lane is fast moving on coming traffic wizzing by. Again, using a typical 3 chorus sprint song. At first chorus tell them the left lane oipens up and they have to take the left lane and sprint like hell before the left lane fills back up with on coming traffic. Do the same thing for the second on. But on the third one tell them it doesn't look like "life" is gonna open up that lane and that when "Life" throws you this challenge, you do what winners do and create your OWN opening by using the breakdown lane and sprint like hell.
Play a typical Run song with a steady temp. Tell them they are on a log like the old time loggers wearing those spiked shoes and they are competing against someone else. Remember when those lumber jack games used to play on TV ?? So they have to run without bouncing imagining they are on this log, trying to knock off the opponent.
One of my favorite things to say during a hill climb is to imagine they are walking in waste deep snow, climbing a hill. Increasing the resistance means the hill incline is getting steeper and steeper. And then when you think you have them close to their limit, Tell them you just hooked a sled to the back of their belt and on that sled is everyone and everything that means anything to them and that they MUST get them to the top of the hill !!
More stories coming soon !!

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