Mindbody Online iPhone App

Want to use your iPhone or Android based device to schedule your next Indoor Cycling class?

There's an App for that® 🙂

I added the ® because Apple has trademarked that phrase.

Studio owner Bill Pryor has created an App for his customers at Spynergy Wellesley, Bill's Indoor Cycling Studio outside of Boston Mass. Spynergy customers can download the App for free, quickly review the class schedule and easily signup for a future class. The part I love most is how it adds the event your calendar, so there's no excuse for missing the class.

The App is made by TempoXSports and they can build a custom App for your Club or Studio if you're using MINDBODY Online to manage registrations - which is about everyone as far as I can tell.

Here's more about it:

The app your clients see will be similar in feel to what they are used to from booking through their browser-based systems.  Your app will let clients easily perform the following critical tasks from their phones

  • Sign-in to their MINDBODY existing account
  • Set up an account if they are new
  • View your schedule
  • Sign-up / reserve spots (reservations auto-posted to calendar / ical)
  • Read teacher and class descriptions
  • Check their account (visits, schedule, attendance, purchases)
  • Purchase any packages you are selling through MINDBODY
  • View special promotions (posted by you)
  • Share their booking details on Facebook
  • Contact you directly


Originally posted 2012-04-29 15:47:56.


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