When I got frustrated using MixMeister® Express I asked Keith Burnage, the creator of Cadence Revolution, for help. Keith is an expert in building seamless playlists for both his Spinning classes as well as his weekly music Podcast.  As he walked me through the parts I wasn't understanding I thought, "I bet there are lots of Instructors who could use some help with MixMeister Express."

The more we talked the more we got excited about what we are calling the MixMeister Express Academy.

Keith has created a series of 8 Step by Step Video Tutorials (+ a few I added) designed to eliminate frustration and have you quickly up to speed building your own seamless class playlists in about an hour.

  • Video #1 Setting up iTunes and converting music to the proper format for use in MixMeister
  • Video #2 Introduction to MixMeister Express and importing your music library
  • Video #3 Building your first seamless playlist
  • Video #4 Learning cross-fading techniques for smooth transitions
  • Video #5 Using beat-matching for a professional sound
  • Video #6 Exporting your seamless playlist to CD or iPod
  • Video #7 Advanced music mixing techniques
  • Video #8 Lengthen and shorten songs
  • Additional Tips and Tricks + Student requested Videos
  • These Videos are for Windows XP and Vista users only

Includes Email support for MixMeister Academy Students!

The MixMeister Express Academy - Fall Semester IS OPEN NOW- Registration is here.

Prefer LIVE Instruction in the use of MixMeister Express?


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