ICI/PRO member Bob Blatz informed me he's having trouble with MixMeister and the new Mac operating software.

Hi John,
I know you are a big advocate of MixMeister Express for the creation of IDC playlist, but you and other instructors should know that the product does not work with the Lion version of the MAC OS.
When I contacted MixMeister support folks about the constant crashes they told me that their products didn't work with the the two most current OS releases and that there were no refunds on software purchased. I was able to get a refund after contacting "customer services".
Just thought you and and any MAC users should be aware of this.
Bob Blatz
I don't have a Mac, but didn't MixMeister only recently begin offering a Mac compatible version of MixMeister Express? That they don't offer an update isn't all that surprising, but certainly not excusable. I've not had very good responses from them when I've had troubles in the past.
This forum thread at Community.MixMeister.com discusses how the problem has been going on for a year or more.
Bob offers a good lesson - if you're not satisfied with a companies response, keep pushing until until you are 🙂
I suppose that this still isn't a reason to give up on Mac and switch to a PC, is it?

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