Hyperextended-Wrists-in a spinning class can lead-to-numbness-and-carpal tunnel-tingling-hands

Back on May 30th of last year, this post; Correcting Student”™s Form — Proper Hand Position discussed a problem that a rider in my class was experiencing. Her hands were going to sleep after riding for 30 or so minutes. I offered my suggested solution once I figured out where her problem was coming from.

This is a not uncommon problem with outdoor cyclists and it sounds like it's becoming more of a problem indoors.

I stumbled onto a post this morning on spinningfreak.com that discusses the potential for carpal tunnel injuries from improper hand positions.

His (I don't know his name) post linked to a interesting video segment; Spinning® and carpal tunnel risk from WABC New York and their medical advisor Dr. Jay Adlersberg. Dr. Adlersberg gives a quick explanation of what is occurring during the class that could be causing pain/numbness in the hands of your students. At the end of the report he even gives this a name; Spinner's Hands.

Regardless of what brand of Indoor Cycling you teach, the simple solution is to educate everyone on the importance of riding with a straight wrist and then cue frequent hand positions. But not just at the beginning... my experience is that most everyone has good form early in the ride. It's when everyone is getting fatigued; heads, shoulders, elbows and finally wrists are dropping, that you need to remind people of the need to straighten up.

If you're reluctant to get off of the bike, taking a quick walk through your class with an eye out for cocked wrists could be the excuse you're looking for.



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