Ask my family, of the three components of fitness (Training - Nutrition - Rest) which is most important to me and without hesitation they will say Rest! Or in my case Sleep! I'm habitual in my sleep habits because a good night's sleep is paramount to my effectiveness the following day.

So when I heard that today is Sleep Apnea Day here in the USA, I though I should do my part to help inform you so that you can in turn inform your students.

Sleep apnea”™s most frequent form is obstructive sleep apnea when the sleeper”™s tongue and soft palate fall back against the back of the throat closing off the airway so firmly that the sleeper doesn”™t fully inhale in repeated episodes that last 10 seconds or longer. In severe sleep apnea patients, the episodes can recur hundreds of time during the night, giving rise to serious impairment due to repeated oxygen deficiency.


My brother Dan has Sleep Apnea and for a long time he slept wearing the CPAP device shown in the video. Clumsy but a life saver for him and his wife 🙂

This tip maybe of value to some of your students, or maybe you...
I've never heard myself snore, but Amy, the Senior Group Fitness Instructor in our family has. I don't have Sleep Apnea but my snoring has had me evicted from my bed. We didn't realize it at the time, but my snoring was much worse in the winter = very dry air. Amy and I were on one of our working fitness vacations in Jamaica, when she commented that I don't snore there in the moist warm air. So we bought an inexpensive humidifier that now sits next to my side of the bed. As long as I remember to refill it with water, Amy has a quiet, restful night!


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