Official Indoor Training Cycle of Le Tour de France

Did you see this new Indoor Cycle from Pro-Form during the tour this year? I'm not sure if it will qualify as a potential replacement for the bikes cycles in your club, but it is fascinating... at least it is to me. So I called the company and we are planning a future interview to learn more about it.

The Pro Form Le Tour de France Indoor Cycling Bike uses the same Magnetic resistance found on the Keiser M3, Schwinn AC and the new FreeMotion s11.9. As I've stated here on multiple occasions, I see Magnetic Resistance as superior in every respect as compared to a friction system; quieter, zero maintenance and most importantly the amount of resistance increases with cadence... just like a real bicycle on the road.

The Pro Form TDF bike adjusts pitch 20% from incline to decline

So how about adding pitch into our classes? Realryder has students rocking from side to side, but wouldn't it be cool if we could replicate the up and down of a real road as part of our class profiles?

The Pro-Form TDF can adjust the amount of Incline or Decline so you feel like you are actually climbing or descending.

I can envision having a control knob where I could control everyone's cycle; "going up!" 

I'm guessing that with a selling price of only $1,300, the Pro Form uses calculated power to arrive at the wattage displayed. That may not be optimal for the hard core Power fanatic, but for the 99% of us who just need a consistant indication of the work we create it's perfect.

Here's the link to the Pro-Form TDF information page.


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