Cleatskins - Bikeskins for walking indoors To perform at your best, your equipment must be at its best. Cleatskins Bikeskins and ProBikeskins were developed specifically for road cyclists who have to dismount and walk for any period of time in their cycling shoes.  They were also designed for people who spin and need to travel to and from the gym/class in their bike shoes.

Cleatskins Bikeskins provide traction, comfort and ease of movement without heel-walking.  It's the perfect bike cleat protector for you, your cycling shoes and the surface you walk on.

The traditional Bikeskins slips on easily and covers both the entire toe.  Perfect for the cyclist returning from a ride and jumping in the car or an indoor cyclist.

ProBikeskins offers the same heel toe walking but nestles underneath your cycling shoe while riding. Great for rides with stops and eliminates extra weight in your jersey.

Don”™t take our word.  See what Gary Khol - Hincapie/Green Creation Elite Cycling Team Manager has to say.

Cleatskins help our team whether it is in training or on race day.  On training rides, the Pro-Bike Skins slip down for easy use when taking a break, refueling or making that "store stop".  It is very nice to be able to walk around while out and about and not worry about damaging the carbon soles on our shoes.  The fact that they are already on the shoe makes them perfect, so we don't have to stuff them in our pockets.  They also provide a soft, stable gripping surface to walk on.

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Shopping for others?  Cleatskins offers coverage for all cleated sports including golf, baseball, softball, track, soccer and more.  Coupon can be applied to all products.

No quantity limits - if you own a studio with nice floors you may want to consider reselling these to your students > John



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