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As an experiment this morning, I taught Dennis Mellon's ICI/PRO Podcast 287 A little Bit of Everything Audio Class PROfile and used his harmonically mixed playlist. They appeared to like it and two members asked for the playlist after class. I realize that it's a small sample, but it's rare that that happens in my class.

I didn't follow Dennis' profile exactly - I let each song play out to the end, rather than manually transition mid-track. This had a few of the intervals flowing through the song transitions - which actually worked to my advantage. The difference was subtle, and yet I'm now realizing quite profound. Even though there was a song change, it didn't appear (or sound) disruptive. I use the full 12 second cross-fade feature in Spotify and, because most of the transitions were in compatible keys, they flowed together nearly perfectly. Or as they say; "smooth like butta."

Love to know your experiences with harmonic mixing if you've tried it.

Tonight I'm dusting off my PeeWee Herman costume (complete with the 70's white shoes and obligatory shoe mirror*) for my 5:30 class. I'm going to use both the profile and playlist from ICI/PRO Podcast 231 “The Gate” Halloween Mixed Ride Audio PROfile From Kim Moody

*In case you're wondering, Amy hates my costume  🙁

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