We're seeing a crazy number of new small/independent/boutique studios opening all over the world - which is awesome. I love being part of a growth industry, not to mention how all these new studios need Instructors!

But what's driving all this growth? I know that a whole bunch of studios have opened, who's owners will tell you that their initial motivation came from hearing my first interview with Bill Pryor/Spynergy Consulting; Start Your Own Indoor Cycling Studio from 2010.

But there has been another force at work in our industry; SoulCycle.

Google Trends is an interesting service where you can observe the popularity for a particular subject over time. The data is based on mentions in prominent media and Google searches. You plug in a few search terms and Google displays a trending line to show the popularity of the topic and easily compare with other searches.

So here's a comparison between the search terms; Soul Cycle and Spin Class - with apologies for omitting the ® which isn't normally used in an article or search.

Through the wonders of technology, Google makes it possible for you to see and interact with the results.

Admittedly, I needed to try a few different search terms before I found this one that I feel most accurately reflects the impact SoulCycle has had on the popularity of Indoor Cycling. "Spinning" alone doesn't work as there are too many uses of the word that don't apply. I did try to add Flywheel into the mix, but there are very few mentions of searches.

Google's data only goes back to 2004 - it would make this more interesting if we could see back before then. The graph does show "Spin Class" as relatively flat until the first mention of SoulCycle in the fall of 2005. I'm not sure we can draw a direct correlation (but I'll try anyway) to the noticeable uptick around the time we launched ICI/PRO in the fall of 2009 and then again around the time of Bill's interview in 2010 🙂

Love them or hate them, SoulCycle has had (at least by this method) a hugely positive effect on the visibility of Indoor Cycling and small studios.


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