Spotify links not opening

ICI/PRO member question:

When I click on the links nothing happens as I try to bring the playlists into Spotify. I also clicked on each person's name/profile but Spotify says they are unknown user?

Please help, I think I'm way off. I'm still trying to learn this app. Also, in order to take advantage in my class, I have to get a Premium account to stream through my iPhone right?

My response:

Hi - I'll try to help.

Yes you need a Spotify premium account to use your iPhone. You can get a free 30 day trial to see if Spotify is right for you.
So I understand - when you go here and try to open any of the links like this one Best Intro-Warmup Songs nothing happens?
There's a setting in Spotify that maybe preventing this. 
Open Spotify - Up at the top go to Edit > Preferences > and then scroll down to Open Spotify automatically and check the Allow Spotify to be started from the web box.
Let me know if that solves it 🙂

P.S. You'll notice that I have the Don't Open Automatically box ticked. That setting prevents Spotify from opening on computer startup, but doesn't prevent Spotify from opening if you click a track or playlist link.


Do you ever Shazam a track and then forget about it... only to be pleasantly surprised to find it later in our tagged lists?

I remembered to check this morning and here's what I found:



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