I'm a laggard

I am a laggard, living with an Innovator.

Laggard, Noun - def: one who's hanging back, or falling behind.

I admit it.  My internal, unspoken motto has been, ‘if it isn”™t broken, don”™t fix it”™.   I did not walk until I was 16 months old- crawling was fine with me.  What can I say?

As you might imagine, John has made fun of my music ‘process”™ for years.   Here is generally how it went:

  1. Gather CD”™s, or order and wait for them from the library
  2. Listen through them on impossibly long commute to day job
  3. Note good songs
  4. Download to itunes
  5. Make playlists on itunes
  6. Burn playlist to CD
  7. Just recently, download playlist to ipod

I started to feel the pain of my laggard like ways.  Much like I must have felt when I finally started to walk, I felt the need to update my music process.

My jump into Spotify-land has been so much fun.  No more having to order CD”™s and wait for them to come in.  No more downloading and burning.

The process is so simple.  The details on getting started are here.  I love to go to Spotify, put in a band or song name and have ALL the titles pop up.  I love that my playlist is on my phone.  No more CD”™s (this is only a problem when I drop my phone in the toilet!)  Even more than that, I love saying to my students, ‘If there is a song you would like to hear in class, just let me know and I can pop it into a future ride, no problem!”™

Thank you, John, for making fun of me and ultimately making me feel enough pain to update my music process.  I am so happy.

If you have not tried Spotify, do.  I think you will like it!







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