BPM control for all of you who teach to tempo and use an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tempo Magic Pro iPhone App for Spinning Indoor Cycling class music

Here's the new Class Builder iPhone App for Spinning Instructors.
Tempo Magic Pro is a new iPhone app that allows you to change the BPM of your music on your iPhone, while it's playing. You old Group Fitness instructors all know what that slider is for on the CD player. Looking to add a little more intensity to a song? Adding a few additional BPM may be just what you need.

I saw Tempo Magic Pro at IDEA last month being promoted by Petra Kolber and Yes! Fitness Music. They didn't have a working demo at the time and I just got their announcement that it is now available.  I downloaded (purchased $4.95) the app and am giving it a try. I hope to have more about this as I play with it.

Here's what I do know so far:

  • It sounds great! Changes to the BPM seem to have very little effect on the pitch. No chipmunks in your class 🙂
  • It takes a while for the App to analyze the music in your playlist. But then it appears to work without delay.
  • The change in BPM is gradual, without a sudden change that would disrupt the flow of your class.
  • It only works with unprotected files (AAC or MP3), not with protected AAC  files - which is no different than MixMeister or any other music software
  • You can add individual songs or a complete playlist. You can control the BPM of each song as it's being played or set it to match all the songs at the same BPM.
  • You lose the "now playing screen" that shows time elapsed and you will need to use the volume control on the side of your iPhone.
  • You can move ahead or back from one song.

Tempo Magic Pro iPhone App is another toy for you to play with and for 5 bucks it is something you will want to try in a class. As I type this I am thinking of all sorts of ways I can use this... Strangle Hold (my favorite climbing song) is at 148 BPM so it has you pedaling  at 74 RPM.  What would happen if I slowly increased the tempo at the half way point? Or started it a little slower so they really add on the load?

UPDATE: I have added a video about Tempo Magic Pro here

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