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It's finally Friday!  It's been an incredibly long week for me, lots of classes not enough sleep.  I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning, like to maybe 7:00am.  Most weekday mornings my alarm goes off at 4:30am.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I teach an early morning indoor cycling class at 5:30 or 6:00am and on Wednesday morning in I have personal training client at 6:00am, so the only way I can get 8 hours of sleep is if I go to bed at 8:30pm.  Getting to bed at 8:30pm in the summer with two 15 year old boys playing sports and needing rides everywhere is nearly impossible, so starting Monday night my sleep deficit becomes greater and greater throughout the week.  By Friday I can hardly remember my name.  Yesterday, for example, was Thursday, but my sleep deprived self thought it was Friday so I got all my cycling gear together and started driving to teach my Friday morning class.  Then I heard the DJ on the radio mention that it was Thursday July 9th, lucky I hadn't driven too far out of my way, turned the car around and drove to a different club to teach my Thursday morning class.  I shared this story with my class and we all had a big laugh.

After the workout I had a participant approach me and say how happy she was that I realized my mistake and made it to this class.  She told me how she had had a difficult week and really needed a great workout and escape for her crazy week.  She said  "All the group exercise instructors at this club do such a great job and really make a difference in the lives of it's members".  That was probably one of the best compliments I had ever received.  Sure, I love hearing "awesome class", "great music", "so much fun" but hearing that you REALLY make a difference in someone's life is so much more.

So today I dedicate the song Difference Maker by NEEDTOBREATH to all the instructors out there, we really do make a difference in people's lives, one workout at a time.


Dennis Mellon

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