Wouldn't it be cool if we, indoor cycling instructors, studios, enthusiasts, etc, had our own Indoor Cycling Day?

A special day where we would celebrate the move indoors as the days get colder and shorter?

Daylight Saving Day is the first Sunday in November (Nov. 1st this year) here in the USA, one week after our European friends (Oct 25th). This change in time and weather has always triggered the change in my own personal training schedule; except for an occasional ride on some odd nice weekend day, this is when I make the move indoors.

What if we celebrated Daylight Saving Day as our own "Indoor Cycling Day". Does that make sense to you?

Perhaps you could plan a long endurance ride to welcome back everyone you haven't seen in months; maybe we could tie it in with a fund raising event?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments box below. And, if you feel inclined, may you could volunteer to help with creating the actual event that we can promote right here on ICI.


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