"Why would you drive all the way up there?"

"I love her music..."

"What do you like about it?"

"She plays a lot of PitBull!"

"Who is PitBull?"

I was having a post-class discussion with long-time participant and friend Denise when I exposed my utter cluelessness about popular music. When I got home I asked my two daughters (18 & 22) if they knew who PitBull was and they informed me that PitBull was a rapper who works with lots of other popular artists. You need to get with-it Dad!

Enter Spotify to get myself hip 🙁

First I checked the Top Instructor Class Music list Barbara Hoots put together last year. No Pitbull.

So I searched for Pitbull and was quickly exposed to a bunch of tracks that weren't half-bad. 

I used two in my class this past Thursday night - sans Denise, who I'm guessing was attending to a soon-to-be new mother in her role as a delivery nurse.

Totally ripped off from Chris Hawthorne playlist + Pitbull

But there were a number of twenty somethings in class, who's head's shot up with big smiles, when this track feat Shakria cross-faded in.

Pitbull in a spinning class


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