2011 ICI/PRO Conference is Sep 30 - Oct 2 in BostonThe 2011 ICI/PRO Conference will be held in Boston (Danvers) again next fall on September 30th - October 2nd.

We (meaning our event coordinator Andrea Flaherty) has been researching locations for our next ICI/PRO conference since shortly after our first conference ended. Andrea send out dozens and dozens of RFP's (request for proposals) and it turned out that of the available space, our friends at the Crowne Plaza Boston North Shore continued to be the hands down best choice.

Here were some of our criteria:

  • "Please keep this conference small and intimate !!!" was something Jennifer, Amy and I heard frequently. We loved connecting with many of you and agree that this is the single most important requirement of our conference.
  • We can afford it with a limited number of attendees.
  • Available dates that don't conflict with existing conferences or trade shows. This year our conference was during the Club Industry show and the SCW Fitness convention in Chicago. This (plus the limited lead time we gave them) prevented a number of manufactures from participating. 9/30 - 10/2 looks clear ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Everything under one roof. The ICI/PRO conference is all about our community and we didn't want people staying in one location and having to travel to a second.
  • Somewhere on the East Coast. Our membership is heavily weighted to the east coast
  • The hotel has experience with Fitness conferences.
  • There is something to do, beyond the conference. Amy and I spent a fun day in Boston and next year we are planning additional time to explore Salem MA and the coast.

No location is perfect and the Crowne Plaza has agreed to address some issues we had; lunch selection and horrible coffee. Until we are at the point where we could add a second location we feel this is the best choice for this year!

Mark your calendars. More info very soon.

Update: I forgot to add: the new date is the week before Columbus Day, which will hopefully prevent the traffic nightmares issues some of you had to deal with driving into Boston ๐Ÿ™


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