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Amazon’s S3 is off/down = podcast Issues today

3/1/17 UPDATE – Amazon has solved their problems and everything appears to be working now! ICI/PRO uses Amazon’s SC servers to “serve” our podcasts, video files and some of our images. We’ve used Amazon since 2009 and this is the first time they’ve failed us. Until they get this corrected there’s nothing I can do 🙁 We’re not alone – some of the biggest websites on the Internet who use 

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Security Updates Completed

Sorry for the service interruption this morning. We were installing new security software to ensure that any information, sent by our members, is transmitted securely using the latest HTTPS internet protocols. Now whenever you log on, you’ll see the Secure | https://www.indoorcycleinstructor.com/ in your browser URL window. This is your insurance that with any form you fill out, the submitted information is safe from prying Internet eyes 🙂 The shopping 

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Over 150 Indoor Cycling Class PROfiles Available!

Over 150 Indoor Cycling Class Profiles

It occured to me this morning that I might not do as good a job promoting what we have to offer here at ICI/PRO, as I could/should 🙁 Case in point > If you have asked me yesterday, how many IC class profiles we’ve published, I would have said; “a lot… but I’m not sure… let me check”. And I did this morning. Turns out that there are over 150 

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Reverse Periodization from Training Peaks

Share this information with your athletes the next time they show up for a class and let you know that they are not going to follow along because they are “Base Training”. For triathletes in the Northern Hemisphere, the season is almost over. Days are getting shorter, the weather is getting worse, and so for a lot of people training time is becoming limited and requiring that extra bit of 

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Maintenance is completed!

Our apologies for the disruption yesterday. Despite our best efforts we had a little “glitch” – the technical term is actually SNAFU – that our IT dept fought through last night. Please let me know if we missed anything!

ICG (Indoor Cycling Group) has been purchased by Life Fitness / Brunswick

ICG Indoor Cycling Group purchased by Life Fitness - Brunswick

ICG, the manufacture of the IC7 Indoor Cycle, Myride+ video system and privately labeled Indoor Cycles, has announced the sale of their company to Life Fitness’s parent company Brunswick Corp. Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, today announced that its parent company, Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), has signed an agreement to acquire Germany’s Indoor Cycling Group (ICG), a leading provider of indoor cycling equipment. Terms of the 

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Are you a Performance IQ Rockstar? Then we need to talk!

We’re looking for a Performance IQ Rockstar that we can develop into a Master Instructor – joining me to conduct PIQ Instructor trainings. Master Instructor Qualifications Are you super experienced at teaching Indoor Cycling classes where Performance IQ Display Training is a focus of the class? Do you feel you have the passion and personality to enthusiastically transfer your knowledge and experience to other Instructors? ICI/PRO is planning to develop, and 

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Is This The Best Two Sided Indoor Cycling Pedal?

Best Indoor Cycling Replacement Pedal

When I’m at IHRSA (which I was last week) I spend a bunch of time searching for the next “Big Thing” that I can share with you. What I found is a rather small and yet indispensable component of the bikes we ride – Keiser has developed a new Indoor Cycling pedal that looks awesome! As the major point of contact, Indoor Cycle pedals take a lot of abuse in 

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What I’m excited to see at IHRSA next week!

RealRyder Indoor Cycle Power Watts Console

It’s that time of year again – IHRSA, the big fitness equipment show starts on Tuesday next week March 22nd and 23rd. This year the expo is in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center. Sweet for me as it’s an easy 90 minute drive from my new home in Tampa 🙂 Last year all the buzz was centered on the new Stages SC3 – which was a total surprise 

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Top 5 reasons your fitness class should a “politics free zone”

Keep politics out of your fitness classes

We’ve got another election year here in the USA. Based on what I see on my Facebook feed, I get the sense that there’s a few Instructors* out there that might be thinking, OH GOODY! I’ve got a captive group of people riding in front of me. My “peeps” see me as a leader. It’s my job to “educate” them so they vote properly!  It’s my belief that there’s nothing 

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New Indoor Cycles Coming This Fall From Core Health & Fitness – Star Trac

New Indoor Cycles from Core Health & Fitness Star Trac

Fresh off the split between Mad Dogg Athletics and Core Health & Fitness – Star Trac, I received this press release promoting their new (?) lineup of Indoor Cycles… Core Health & Fitness To Introduce New Indoor Group Cycles VANCOUVER, WA. September 29, 2015 – Core Health & Fitness, an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of commercial fitness products, announced today plans to introduce three new indoor cycling 

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