Age predicted maximum heart rate formulas are a liePaul Camerer, AKA Pink House, is walking proof that (220 - your age, shoe size, mailing address, phone number ... or anything else) will not give you an accurate Maximum Heart Rate number to base your training zones. Paul is 91 (92 this December) and regularly rides at 30 or more beats above his "Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate". The guy is precious and I had the privilege to interviewed Paul back on Podcast #18 when he was only 90.

Here is an update about Paul from Sally Edwards' blog.

At Age 91, He Rides at 149 bpm

Pinkhouse (aka Paul Camerer) almost 10 years ago, started the first “garage gym” named after the color of his east Sacramento home. Today, he is nearing his 92nd birthday and he wanted to continue to demonstrate that maximum and threshold heart rate do not decline with age as many believe. Pinkhouse is but one example that the age-adjusted formula 220-age=maximum heart rate is useless. Don”™t use this formula.
The picture to the right is taken of the final average heart rate from today”™s ride using the “Gymbotron”, a device that displays heart rate on a screen or wall.  Pinkhouse rode 20 beats above what the max heart rate formula would calculate (220-91=129 bpm). He  averaged 149 bpm for 52 minutes. That is he rode 20 bpm above his calculated maximum heart rate. The point Pinkhouse is demonstrating is that his maximum and threshold heart rates have not dropped a beat over the last 30 years that we, the Heart Zones Training certified trainers, have measured it.

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Note: What Sally refers to and markets as a "Gymbotron" is the Suunto Fitness Solution we had at this years conference.

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