All this started as a lark.

I had no plan or strategy. I was looking for a way to promote my then new invention; the Red Pedal Tool that solved the problem facing Instructors who taught where the cycles use the Schwinn Triple Link pedals and the evil shoe baskets that refused to come off without sacrificing one of your fingernails. It didn't take long for me to realize that my calling in life was to create a platform where I could promote others who had real value they could impart to others.

The rest, as the say, is history 🙂

Since that first interview with Suzelle Snowden with FitBodiesInc, where we explored how you could leverage your Instructor talents into a very low cost working fitness vacation, we have published 220 episodes of the Podcast. Guests have featured Indoor Cycling notables like Johnny G to the obscure (but very helpful) like Scott - the Name Tag Guy.

When I started the Podcast my biggest concern was - what will we talk about? Like many self imposed limitations, I quickly realized that my concerns were unfounded. There was an unlimited number of very talented people out there who could provide helpful guidance to our readers and listeners.

If you've been listening since the beginning; THANK YOU! I truly appreciate you and the comments and emails you have sent !

If you are relativity new here - jump in... the water is warm 🙂

We are as strong and commited as ever to providing you with the care and feeding you need to excel as an Indoor Cycling Instructor.


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