ICI/PRO is Indoor Cycling 2.0

I was wearing my ICI/PRO t-shirt this weekend and a random person in line at the grocery store asked me; "what's ICI/PRO and Indoor Cycling 2.0?" "Is that a new form of Spinning or something?" I explained that ICI/PRO is my business and the abbreviated name for a website devoted to providing resources and a community for Professional Indoor Cycling Instructors who are committed to delivering the absolute best results for their participants.

I told her that Indoor Cycling 2.0 is my description of a methodology (maybe ideology would have been a better word) where we teach Indoor Cycling classes that move beyond 60 minutes of exercise, to more results driven training using the tools and training techniques used successfully by endurance athletes to get fitter, faster and more effectively maintain their body weight.

She told me that she had been taking "Spin Classes" (her words) on and off for over ten years. She said she enjoyed them, but after a while they got a little stale for her, so she moved on to other Group Fitness classes. ZUMBA is now her favorite! After telling her when and where I taught we went our separate ways.

I think about this stuff constantly. When I got home I looked up when Spinning® officially started. Mad Dogg Athletics has their own website that includes a page about the history of Spinning. In 1993 Crunch gyms in New York were the very first to offer a Spinning program. Mad Dogg Athletics incorporated in 1994. As best as Amy and I can remember the Flagship Athletic Club, where Amy has taught since 1991, was the second club in Minneapolis to offer this new Spinning program in 1995.

Depending on how you do the math that means 17 years or so. Many of you probably remember some of the spin-off programs from Reebok, Keiser, Schwinn, Bally, LeMond, etc... Some are still around.... some are not. Those who still are have been through one (if not more) revisions and yet all were really just variations on the same original Spinning theme.

It's only now, with the addition of Power measurement on IC cycles and the encouragement of using Heart Rate monitors, that we are really seeing a fundamental change.

After 17 years it really is time for something different - Indoor Cycling 2.0â„¢ *

It's very exciting for me to be part of this community who has been embracing this concept as the way for all of us to truly help our students reach their personal fitness goals.

* I put the little â„¢ at the end of Indoor Cycling 2.0 to identify that I first introduced the concept. I offer it's use freely to any Indoor Cycling brand who would like to use it to identify that they too embrace this concept. Just email trademark@indoorcycleinstructor.com for permission.


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