Amazon Business for cycling studios and fitness businesses

I'm a huge fan of Amazon Prime because it makes me feel super productive and efficient. When I realise I need something, rather then adding the item to a shopping list (I'll probably forget to bring to the store), I take 30 seconds to order it on Amazon. Then I hear my dog Maxx bark when the UPS guy delivers the package two days later.

Now they're offering business owners a similar service called Amazon Business. Similar that it offers free two day shipping... different because it's free to qualified business owners!

About Amazon Business
Amazon Business is a new marketplace on Amazon .com that gives businesses of all sizes access to hundreds of millions of products in a shopping experience built for businesses. New features include FREE Two-Day Shipping on orders of $49 or more, business-pricing on select items, multi-user accounts, and approval workflows. Businesses can now shop on Amazon and use purchase orders to improve recordkeeping. Amazon Business also makes it easy for businesses to compare multiple offers on products, and is integrated and certified for punchout with leading purchasing systems.

You can apply here for your Amazon Business account. To qualify you need a Fed ID number, which you should already have as a business owner.

There's options to establish a line of credit directly with Amazon. Your Amex card doesn't offer 55 day net billing... but Amazon does 🙂 Why can they offer this "free" money? You're aware that credit card companies charge fees, right? By bypassing Amex, MC or Visa, Amazon's costs are lower = they'll pass on the savings to you! If you prefer to pay over time the revolving rate looks competitive to any other business card and Amazon doesn't charge any annual fees.  

Amazon Business Credit Line for fitness studios

So, what can you purchase? Just about anything, except they don't appear to have actual IC repair parts. Here's a few that came to mind.


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