Sorry for the outages yesterday.

We've made some substantial changes to the back end of to accommodate our growth in members and site traffic.

Depending on where you live, we were back up last night around 6:00PM Central Time  - the Internet is the most complex thing on the planet and it takes quite a long time for the changes we made to work their way around the world.

Can you see a difference in the time needed to load/access the site?

We were specifically focused on improving the experience for our Mac users running Safari browsers. If you're on a Mac please let me know if you see our pages loading faster.

Along the way I learned that the speed of your Internet browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) has a huge impact on your online experience. Some browsers tend to display bit's and pieces quite quickly as the different parts of the page download and display. Others tend to wait until they have a large percentage of the data and then POW - you see everything at once.

Best I can tell, Google's Chrome is the over-all fastest. My experience with Chrome has me recommending it as a replacement for the two standard browsers found on computers; Internet Explorer on PC's or Safari on Mac's.

Chrome is available for both and it's free.


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