I love it when a plan comes together!

I had listed my thoughts about how to successfully audition for an Instructor position at Life Time Fitness in an eariler post. It was in response to a question from an ICI/PRO member. Here's an update:

Hi John,

Just wanted to follow up to say thank you for the tips, advice, music suggestions and everything pertaining to Life Time Fitness audition preparation which you obviously spent a good deal of time putting together and posting for all of us in need.

Susan Pshevlotski , the GFDH here in Indianapolis, was incredibly helpful and supportive and a great ambassador of Life Time Fitness.  Anyone out there moving to the Indy area, I encourage them to contact the Life Time Fitness Director at the Castle Creek Parkway location.

All went wonderfully well and I must say thank you to ICI and others for the learning and growing I've made as an indoor cycling instructor these past few years as I certainly put my membership and education to excellent use and it showed based on the complimentary letter I received on Mon.  There was even a comment about my ICI Jersey that I proudly wore.

My audition was here in Indy and Susan sent my information immediately onto the GFDH in Florham Park, NJ where I am relocating next month with a high recommendation for an instructor position, as well as  the possibility of Cycle Club Coordinator.  Not sure I'm ready for that one.   I will hopefully fall right back into the saddle.

Whew, a lot happening quicker than I imagined but all fun and good thanks to this wonderful and supportive group in this professional forum.

All the best.

Ride Safe, Ride Strong

Congratulations Renee and I'm going to pass along your comments to Jen Ryan - the National Group Fitness Operations Manager at Life Time Fitness.


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