Klara Kelly headbandJohn often receives emails about products/offerings for studios and instructors.

He didn't feel 'qualified' to comment on this particular product from Melissa Sherwood, owner of Klara Kelly Designs http://www.klarakelly.com/and maker of the best headbands I've ever put on my head! However, Melissa says many men wear them too- I'll get John wearing one yet.

I put it on, tightened it ONCE (no need to double tie) and it stayed in place, comfortably, for the whole class. I never had to adjust it or mess with it again. The fabric is the perfect amount of stretch and absorbability.

Gone are the days of my headband slipping up past my ears to the back of my head and becoming a crown- you know what I'm talking about here....YAY!

Seriously, I want one in every color and will wear them for fashion, outside of the studio.

I've only tried the headband scarf: http://www.klarakelly.com/store/p23/Headband_Scarf.html but a scarfdana is also available starting November 11, 2014: http://www.klarakelly.com/store/p83/Scarfdana_PRE-ORDERS_ONLY_.html and will be great for bad hair days!

I've posted the wholesale prices in the file section here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyclingStudios/

This could be a cool point of purchase item, or gift for your instructors and members. My class noticed it right away.



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