Time is the great equalizer. We all have different abilities, different income, different experiences, but one thing we all have the same of, is TIME.  I don”™t know about you, but I am a time miser; greedy, protective and otherwise fanatical about not wasting that precious resource.  That”™s how I”™m going to make up for not having other advantages — I”™m going to make every minute count.  I”™m such a fanatic, I even consider sleep highly over-rated, and have averaged less than six hours per night most of my life — even when I was just a whipper.  Yeah, I was that annoying kid who would sit outside your door on Saturday morning waiting for you to wake up.   I had kids to see, things to do, worlds to conquer… so it seemed back then.

Now that I”™m older, well, it”™s still that way, just on an adult scale.  So, it should not surprise you that I really dislike wasting time.  This is why just plain old “exercising” doesn”™t make sense to me. It is so vague and wishy washy.  What”™s the point?  If it”™s to loose weight, then I want to make sure that is what I accomplish, lost pounds, or I will be wasting my time.  If I want to “stay in shape”, I need to know what that is — is it toned muscles, faster running, winning cycling events, lowering blood pressure, what!?! If I don”™t know what that means, I can”™t determine if I”™ve accomplished my objectives.  If I accomplish nothing, then I am simply wasting my time.  Argh!  I just can”™t have that.

But, you say, some people just want to have fun and feel good.  Sure, I get that — no worries, have a blast.  Exercise your toosh off.  But then again, if that were you, you probably would not be reading this blog right now.  If that were you, you wouldn”™t care what kind of results you got, because all results or no results are the same… in a phrase “it”™s all good”.  No, I suspect you are reading this blog, and spending time on IndoorCycleInstructor.com/PRO because you don”™t want to waste your time.  You want results for yourself and your class.  You want people to talk about the difference between your classes and others who don”™t “do the work” in preparation and study like you do.  You want to be a difference maker.

So, there in lies the real reason for you to read my blog — probably because you hate wasting time as much as I do, and I promise that I won”™t do that to you.   My intention is to give you information and ideas that you can use right away.  You will specifically learn how to train with power so that you and your students will be able to see, feel and demonstrate the results.  This will be a slow and methodical process, because it is that approach that produces the most lasting results.

“But Gene, I don”™t have bikes with power, nor do I have any idea when I might get them!” Do not lose hope, and do not stop trying to push ownership and management to get on board.  Two years ago there were only 2 or 3 bikes on the market that offered power as an option, now there are 6, and that number will rise again in 2010.  There is a train coming, and if they don”™t hook their cars up to it, they”™ll end up going the way of the railroad — good idea, but no longer used in the U.S.

At the same time, don”™t just sit and watch everyone else lead the way.  While you wait for facility owners and managers to “see the light”, you can step up, get yourself knowledgeable, certified, and ready to take your place in what John Macgowan calls “Indoor Cycling 2.0 When we get there, there will be a lot less wasted time for everyone involved in Indoor Cycling or Spinning® classes.  We will have the tools we”™ve always needed to make the most of every class.  Instead of being behind, you”™ll be ahead. Time, will finally be on your side!

Future Training with Power articles from Gino with be available exclusively to ICI/PRO members.

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