The dog days of summer are here with a vengeance, and your classes may be showing the wear and tear of hot weather. But there is no reason why your studio can”™t be a riot of activity in spite of the heat. Consider these six easy perk-ups to generate new energy and unstoppable momentum.

“Featured Artists” Spin® Off
ICI/PRO Member Nina Israel asked me to create a mixtape featuring music by Prince and Michael Jackson to help launch a new studio. Because her idea was so awesome, I offered the same ride at my own facility and even included classic YouTube video performances prior to the ride. Who can forget Michael Jackson”™s Moon Walk? A few creative posters promoted the event, and many students arrived an hour before class to secure a bike. Not a fan of Michael or Prince? Select your own artist showdown: Zeppelin vs. Rolling Stones, 70”™s vs. 90s”™, Akon vs. Usher, Divas vs. Degenerates, etc.

Cycle 101
Promote weekly intro classes to recruit new students. Bonding with other newbies creates a fraternity, and students feel comfortable knowing they have a buddy system for encouragement and accountability. Offer a “graduation” incentive after attending six Cycle 101 classes: a logo water bottle, towel, bumper sticker or tee shirt.

Spruce Up Your Studio
Let”™s be honest. Does your facility look the same as it did last summer? No wonder your class attendance has slumped! Momentum must be created and sustained continually in order to foster growth. You”™ve talked for years about updating your studio — now is the time.

Guest Instructors
In a rut? When was the last time your club brought in a guest instructor to motivate and inspire both students and teachers? Generate a buzz and create excitement when you hype up a guest appearance. Reach beyond your comfort zone and invite a motivating instructor to teach a few rides at your studio. Works like a charm.

Monday Night Lights
Beg, borrow, rent or purchase some nightclub-quality LED lights. Just plug them in around the room to create a visually stimulating light show every Monday night during the summer. You can easily transform an average class into a spectacle of lights and sound. American DJ lights are affordable and simple to install.

We”™re Going Out!
Teens and college kids home for summer are an enormous untapped market. My studio added a Friday evening “We”™re Going Out” ride with music and instruction designed for the “Under-25 Crowd.” Instructors invited their friends to attend using Facebook and free passes. Those friends soon became members, and now they are an integral part of our cycling family.

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