Harmonic Mixing Music For Fitness Indoor Cycling Class Playlists

Help for all of us Tone-Deaf Instructors!

Stripes & Plaid, Pink & Yellow and Brussels sprouts with anything, some things just don't pair well with others.

My short education on Harmonic Mixing has me learning that there are excellent music tracks, that by themselves are awesome. But just like you can look fabulous in pink OR yellow, mixing two tracks (with clashing keys) together may not have the effect you were hoping for.

Some of us hear instinctively when two music tracks clash. Unfortunately some of us are (or were) completely clueless that music even came in "Keys".

Figuring I can't offer much help any of you in the "hear" group, I started this post with this idea of giving the "clueless" group a few sample playlists of songs in the same key. But I started thinking the "hears" group might not hear as well as they think, so why not make a game out if it - with a prize for the winner?

I've devised a little contest to challenge your ability to hear and identify tracks that can be Harmonically Mixed... and those that shouldn't.

There are six, two song Spotify playlists below. four are mixed in key and 2 are in clashing keys. Click play on each playlist and then use the >>> button to switch between tracks. The prize is shown below.

Good luck 🙂

#1 - Both are in the key of C major

#2 American Band is in the key of C major / Born to run is in E major

#3 Lightning Strike is in F major - Shut your eyes is B flat minor

#4 Both are in the key of D major

#5 Although both of these are flat, they are in D flat major and G flat minor

#6 These are both in F Minor at the end of each track, (where I was checking) but Latch appears to change key a few times through the song 🙁

UPDATE: This contest didn't turn out like I had hoped = it was "dumb" as my kids would say. That said, Instructor Julia A Grady correctly picked two (of what turned out to be three) clashing tracks and will receive the DVD's from Epic Planet!

Can you pick out the 2 playlists with clashing tracks? Leave your guess below and we'll draw from the correct entries to receive the EPIC Planet DVD bundle.

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