Used Indoor Cycle and Spin Bikes marketplace

Sometimes, with the best intentions (and a lot of effort), new fitness businesses don't work out as planned. Which leads to sending out a sad email like this one:

John, sadly I have to close down 2 of my studios and consolidate to one due to landlord doubling the rent.  Is there anywhere I can
post that I have 30 slightly used RealRyder Spin bikes available so I do not have to put them into storage?
My initial response was; I'm sorry Bob, I really don't have anyway to help you 🙁
But then I remembered seeing an email from a company who offers a service that I could add to our forum. It creates the marketplace that would help Bob (or you for that matter) advertise and sell used Indoor Cycling bikes and/or other equipment.
UPDATED 9/2014 these are sold.


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Originally posted 2014-01-24 18:23:52.


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