This can't feel right - and what is that white strap sticking out? Communicate it!

In my class this morning I noticed that the saddle on one of the Star Trac NXTs was way out of adjustment. Ouch! That can't feel good to ride on no matter male or female. When I got closer I noticed that there was a white strap sticking out from the slider adjustment mechanism. This is a common problem that Josh Taylor showed me is solved on the latest NXT/PRO/Blade model Spinning bikes.

To communicate a problem like this in the past, I would run around looking for a pen and something to write a note on. Then, if I wasn't distracted by anything, bring the note into our Dept Head's office, with the hope she could understand what I had written (I admit - I have some pretty crappy handwriting) and would have someone make the repair before the next scheduled class. Very inefficient and it maybe the reason why in the past my requests weren't acted on...

But not this morning 🙂

Today I just snapped a quick picture with my iPhone and texted it to her. This picture clearly shows both problems. My Dept Head can then forward the pic to the maintenance people. Total time; about 30 seconds!

While I was taking pictures I noticed how the chain adjuster on this cycle was near the end of it's rage of adjustment.

How do I tell when a spin bike need a new chain?

Clearly time for a new chain - before someone gets hurt.

This means the chain is very close to needing replacement, i.e... it's worn out and there's a real potential for failure. A broken (or derailed chain from being too loose) is the most likely event that will injure one of your students! The time to replace the chain is now, before someone gets hurt and you are left wondering if you should have your own liability insurance policy to protect you from the near certain lawsuit to follow.

So I clicked another pic and hit "send" for a second time.


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