Here are some of what I came away with from IDEA.   I do plan to expand on some of this with Jennifer as a new Podcast episode soon.

  • My biggest takeaway from the entire conference... I saw approximately the same Threshold Power (240 watts) on the Schwinn AC Performance, Keiser M3 and CycleOps Indoor Cycles. I know it isn't exactly scientific, but I took classes on all three power bikes and I was encouraged to see they all read similar power. This Threshold Power squares with Cycling Fusion's Power Charts that predict ~ 1.2 - 1.6 watts per pound for a reasonably fit cyclist - I'm 160lbs x 1.5 watts per lb = 240 watts.
  • Does the "F" word belong in your class? How about a conference session? I talked with an Instructor who was very upset about the language used in a Saturday 7:30am session.  I'm digging into it more...
  • Based on many of the Instructors I saw here in Southern CA  you can never be too fit, too thin or too tan 🙂
  • I have a bunch of short video Interviews, including Paco Gonzalez who will be presenting at our October conference.Paco Gonzalez
  • If you ever get the chance to attend any training where Jay Blahnik is the presenter... GO!
  • Everyone needs a profile (Instructor and/or Club-Studio)  on IDEA Fitness Connect . IDEA launched Fitness Connect this weekend as the largest fitness professional directory, connecting more than 16 million consumers to more than 100,000 fitness professionals with credentials verified by the top 14 fitness certification bodies. Completely free and you do not need to be an IDEA member.

    Your profile on these sites coming late in 2010

    I have already set up mine (and the two clubs where I teach) here.

  • TRX is going to take over the fitness world... it's only a mater of time...

More to come.


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