When does 25+25+25 not equal 75?

When you're adding up segments of song segments of 25 secs - the correct answer is 1:15 - but I'm guessing that you already knew that.

I love Spotify. With the exception of downloading Podcasts, I have nearly eliminated iTunes from my life. Beyond not being available everywhere, Spotify has a huge flaw that affects Instructors trying to use it to deliver class music. The Length of Time for any amount over 1 hour is... 1 hour. That is until you surpass 2 hours where is tells you, 2 hours 🙁

If you don't really care all that much, then looking at 10 or 12 tracks and calling it good may suffice.

But when you are trying to get close to the transition times in a virtual cycling DVD, close enough isn't good enough. I

I start a new class tonight and as a treat I'm going to play Pensacola Stage Race  which should make for some HIT fun!

But to pull this off the music needs to stick closely to the various sections:

  • 5 minute warmup
  • 10 minute Road Race
  • 10 minute Time Trial
  • 30 Criterium
  • 5 minute cool-down

In iTunes you can highlight a series of tracks and the time will display, making the process relatively easy. Not so in Spotify. You can highlight song till your heart's content, but you still see; 1 hour. Frustrating.

I have planned to stop the video at the end of the TT so everyone can recover and be ready for the 30 Crit. So my primary concerns are that the first half is in sync and then the thirty five minute second half is right as well.

I spent way too much time on this trying to come up with some clever solution I could share with you, and failed. Turns out that creating two separate playlists was the best option.

But then I was left with the problem of substitutions. I had 6 songs in the first playlist, but the time wasn't quite where I wanted it. If I delete a song (to try something else) and wanted to bring it back I needed to remember it. So I ended up creating a third playlist to hold my alternate attempts.

I really wish they would fix this!

Do you have a suggestion [wlm_firstname]?

I almost forgot > I found this handy online "Time Calculator" that turned out to be quite helpful when I was trying to put this playlist together.

Here's a link to what I'll be using tonight at 5:30. Love to have you if you are near Eden Prairie, MN.

Pensacola Stage Race PRO/Playlist




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