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It's just you and the bike.

No carbon fiber to make you lighter.

No high-tech gear shifters to make you faster.

No 29'er rims to roll over rocks more easily, or pro “slick” tires to fast-forward flat roads.

No drafting in the peloton to save you energy and maximize your sprint finish.

No coasting on undulating roads or single track trails with your “free-wheel” drive gear.

No GPS to navigate the fastest route. No tour guide on the trail to give you the best line over the next drop.

It's just you and the bike.

A fixed gear.  A fixed altitude.  And most true:  a fixed attitude of doing what it takes inside to live your life outside.

John Howard (bio”™d in Jim Karanas”™s post, “Be Your Own Hero”) says it”™s “not so much indoor cycling as it is inner cycling.”  Not “a poor substitute for” riding on the roads and trails, but a chance to explore technique from a mind/body perspective.  

The Indoor Cycle permits training and benefits as nothing else can.

“Why not go indoors,” Howard asks, “for phenomenal cycling efficiency?”

Constant, fluid, nonstop pedaling.

Everyone rides.  Safely.  Trains together, regardless of skill.  Feels the miles disappear.

On a bike that doesn”™t answer to temperature, weather, daylight, terrain.

Simplicity.  It”™s the Indoor Cycle”™s greatest gift. 

Elite athletes, you, your students. 

The Indoor Cycle: Cycling's Great Equalizer.






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